A company with history

2017 – Expansion of the new extended production and warehouse halls

– Foundation of the Nölle-Pepin Family Foundation. This will be the new owner of the company

2011 – Expansion of in-house production in net assembly. 

– Introduction of a computer-aided quality (CAQ) system.

– A computer-aided enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is implemented across the board for all business units.

– Construction of a new logistics center in Schwelm.

– The company is awarded TÜV certification in accordance with ISO/TS 16949:2009 for its exemplary quality assurance system.

– Nölle-Pepin is awarded TÜV certification in accordance with EN ISO 9001, VDA 6.1 and QS 9000.

– Construction of a CNC production shop for bent-wire parts as prerequisite for a significant expansion of the product range.

– Change of name from Paul Pepin to the newly founded Nölle-Pepin KG and relocation of production to today’s site in Schwelm.

– Death of the founders’ son, Paul Pepin. The son-in-law, Hans Nölle, runs the business, supported by his wife, Barbara.

– Transition to automated production. Paul Pepin begins production of the first machine-made nets made of polyamide on a machine he developed himself

– In addition to trimmings, numerous types of cord, such as plumb lines, drape cords and spiral cords, are now manufactured. However, the focus is already on supplying nets to the automotive industry.

– Following the total destruction of the company’s original buildings on Mühlenweg, a new group of buildings is built on Nussbaumstraße, including a home and a plant in which to restart the production of nets, hatbands and cords. 

– Beginning of net production. The founders’ sons, Hans and Paul Pepin, establish ties with the automotive industry. The first, hand-knotted nets are put to use in Germany and the neighboring countries as luggage trays and seatback nets in means of transport.

– Founding of the company by Martha and Moritz Pepin in Wuppertal-Barmen, Germany, as a trimmings factory. The product range comprises curtain tassels, twisted cords for staircase handrails, drape cords, strands, hatbands and lots more.