Intelligent and flexible systems

Our wide range of rubber cords, which we can coordinate with the net’s structure and function, offers a solution for every conceivable application.

Whether they are fitted with a lug, swivel, clip or loop, we employ a wide variety of methods to manufacture our rubber cords and make them up in line with the design, length and degree of elastic stretch, the appropriate diameter and fastenings, and in the color desired by the customer.

(left) Rubber cord with loop and lug
(center) Eyelet loop, sewed
(right) Eyelet loop with lug

(left) Elastic cord with eyelet and lug
(center) Eyelet loop, sewed, with injection-molded plastic clip
(right) Injection-molded plastic retainers

(left) Non-elastic cord with toggle fastener
(center) Webbing with metal clamp fastening